Little Mermaid, The - Modern Home Collection (Espresso Frame)

Little Mermaid, The – Modern Home Collection (Espresso Frame)


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Believe it or not, I am a huge fan of The Little Mermaid. I honestly believe it is the film that sparked the renaissance in Disney animation coming out of the 1980's. While Beauty and the Beast may be the most purely romantic of the modern-day Disney classics and The Lion King the most powerfully dramatic, The Little Mermaid is clearly the most enjoyably enchanting of these films and certainly best captures the innocent nature of first love. Watching my four daughters all grow into young women I have been privy to the emotional peaks and valleys of young love. I understand King Triton's concern and desire to protect his youngest from a relationship facing so many obstacles. But, I also recognize the desperate love Ariel feels towards Prince Eric and the purity of her belief that their love can conquer all. Love is powerful, love is captivating and first love absolutely enchants!

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With its sleek, sophisticated styling and contemporary feel, the Modern Home Collection is designed for today's uncomplicated d

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The Little Mermaid


11" x 14"


16.5" x 19"


22" x 24.5" x 1.25"


Tripple-thick Antique White




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